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The Shaun Baxter Show

Catch Shaun every Tuesday evening, there'll be fun, jokes, new music (signed and unsigned) and exclusives! He's the Mistajam of KicFM! Listen, see what you think and don't be afraid to get to involved as the shows about you, yes you!!

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From 15th May 2013

The Shaun Baxter Show - KICFM - 14/05/2013 by Kic Fm on Mixcloud


History Of The Shaun Baxter Show

From 11th November 2010

Shaun loves music, playing instrumentals and has been talkative from an early age.

In the 1990's during primary school, he took part in a Christmas play with a twist - it included a chart countdown which KIC started his brain into musical gear.

In the noughties, Shaun created a dummy studio with a set of decks and speakers where he pretended to be on air. He'd record the show and listen back to himself which fuelled his determination for radio.

A few years later, Shaun entered radio work, his first show being at Halesowen College Radio in September 2009 where he presented a show every Thursday afternoon.

From college to community, Shaun joined KIC FM in March 2010 and 'The Shaun Baxter Show' was born. Following successful training sessions with KIC FM staff, Shaun was awarded the Tuesday 2pm - 4pm slot.

It was then, a great team of KIC FM volunteers naturally formed when this trio collided - Joining Shaun on the show is Richard Lester - leader of the Big Debate Show and Megan Dickie who contributes to the success of 'The Shaun Baxter Show' Show every week.

They've had some fabulous guests in from Definitive productions to E-dro to Ash (Wot Wot Productions) - Good times.

The Shaun Baxter Show would like to thank everyone for the support!

Keep it locked, Keep it KIC.

The Shaun Baxter Show - Liberating The Black Country Airwaves.

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Deeze Freestyle

From 11th November 2010


Coming up on future shows....

From 6th August 2010


The Shaun Baxter Show - Liberating The Black Country Airwaves

From 6th August 2010

Hi, my name is Shaun, I'm seventeen years old. I'm also a former member of UK Youth Parliament which stands on various issues concerning young people between the ages 11-18. across the UK and regionally. During my free time, I play the drum kit, listen to my IPod and socialize with my friends, help out at various projects across Birmingham and the West Midlands,

Join me every Tuesday 2-4pm, there'll be fun, jokes, new music( signed and unsigned) and exclusives! I'm the Mistajam of KicFM! Listen, see what you think and don't be afraid to get to involved as the show is about you, yes you.

We have also got some backing from a couple of singers and producers. Their names are Scratcha, Sanna Hatfield and more to follow. So tell your friends, family or post it as your status to listen to one of the finest shows that KicFM brings to you.


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